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trustees op shaw university 


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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

President's Report. 

Raleigh, N. C, May 31, 1909 
Dear Brethren: I submit herewith my sixteenth annual report, 
which is the forty-fourth since the establishment of the institution. 
ATTENDANCE. The enrollment in all departments for the 
academic year closed today was 531. Last year it was 516. The 
daily average attendance from November 1st, 1908, to April 1, 1909, 
was 493. Fifteen years ago, when I assumed the presidency of Shaw 
University, the enrollment was 362 and the daily average attendance 
211. There has been during these fifteen years an increase in the 
average daily attendance of 133 per cent. Many have been refused 
admittance the last four years for lack of accommodations. The 
applications to date for the next school year are already in excess of 
any preceding year and it will be necessary to refuse even more than 
last year for lack of room. 

GRADUATES. On Thursday, May 13th, there were graduated three 
students from the Theological department, six from the College de- 
partment, ten from the Normal department, three from the Law de- 
partment, twenty-two from the Leonard Medical School, and twelve 
from the Leonard School of Pharmacy. The total number of gradu- 
ates was fifty-six. Twenty-five young women received certificates 
for completing courses of study in the industrial departments. 
HEALTH. The general health of the students has been good, and 
no epidemic has occurred. The winter was unusually mild and the 
cases of illness were few. No death occurred There were, how- 
ever, a larger number afflicted with tuberculosis than in years past. 
Nearly all of the young men are obliged to work hard during the 
long summer vacation of four months, and, in order to do the work 
required for graduation, during the eight months of the school ses- 
sion, they study early and late and do not get sufficient exercise # 
There ought to be established a gymnasium where physical training 
could be regularly given. 

SEWERS. The Smithfield Street sewer, to which I referred in my 
last annual report, has not yet been constructed The Chairman of 
the Committee on Sewers of the City Government has reported to me 
that this is one of the first enterprises that the new city government 
will attend to. 

PHYSICAL CONDITION. The property has been kept in good 
condition. Minor repairs have been made from time to time so that 


there might be no material deterioration. More attention has been 
given to the grounds than for some years During the last two years 
there have been frequent and heavy rains which have washed the 
soil and made considerable work necessary. The driveways, walks 
and lawns are now in good condition and arrangements have been 
made to keep them so during the summer vacation. 
RELIGIOUS LIFE. Rev. Augustus Shepard, D. D , pastor of the 
White Rock Baptist Church, of Durham, conducted special religious 
services for a week during February with good results. Dr. Shepard 
was one of the earlier graduates of Shaw University, having received 
his training under Dr. Tupper. He has exerted a wide influence in 
p istorates in North Carolina where he has always been successful. 
There were conversions and an awakening of the religious life of the 
University. Chapel exercises are held daily, except Saturday and 
Sunday, and attendance upon these exercises is required, as is the 
case with the Sunday School, the Sunday preaching services and the 
Sunday night and mid week prayer meetings The Y M C. A. has 
kept up its meetings regularly and the young women have volun- 
tary conducted meetings of their own every Sunday. 
FINANCIAL The receipts this year have been larger than ever 
before It has been a strenuous year, financially, on account of the 
high cost of all kinds of supplies The balance on hand is small. 
By the most careful management in buying and issuing supplies and 
in not buying many things that we needed, we have been able to 
close the year without debt. 

IIIGIIERSALARIES. I called attention in my report last year to 
the necessity of an increase in salaries, on account of the higher cost 
of the necessaries of life. It will not be possible for us to maintain 
our standard of teaching unless higher salaries are paid. I am at 
the present time uncertain about the return of some teachers on 
account of low salaries. 

ADDITIONAL TEACHERS There ought to be employed at the 
beginning of the next school year, a teacher of science, two assistants 
in the men's industrial department and a teacher to supervise the 
work outside of the professional aud industrial departments. It will 
not be possible for me to continue much longer in charge of the work 
at Shaw, unless I can have more help in administering the affairs of 
the institution The year that I took up the work at Shaw, the 
average daily attendance was 211. This year, from November 1st to 
April 1st, the average daily attendance was 493, and for the ent re 
year it has been 489 I have no more help in administering the 
affairs of the institution than when I first took up the work, and there 


was more money spent upon the office work the first year of my 
administration than for the year just closed. If the additional teach- 
ing force recommended above is allowed, Dr Roberts can act as Dean 
and Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds This will relieve me 
of a large part of the administrative work, relating to discipline and 
a: tendance. I can then look after the different departments more 
thoroughly and avoid the overwork which for the past few years has 
nearly caused me to break down. 

COMMENCEMENT. The annual address on Commencement Day 
was given by the Hon. Elmer Ellsworth Brown, Commissioner of 
Education for the United States. The leading colored men and 
women were present in large numbers and a number of representa- 
tive white men from Raleigh also attended. Take it all in all there 
never was a finer audience assembled in our chapel than on May 13th, 
1909 Commencement Day. 

IMPROVEMENTS NEEDED. The chapel has been over-crowded 
on commencement occasions for years, but never more so than on the 
last commencement, when more people were turned away than usual. 
The Alumni Association at its annual meeting commencement week, 
after seeing the crowded condition of the chapel, voted to appoint a 
committee, with power to select a financial agent, to collect funds for 
enlarging the chapel, dining-hall and kitchen It is hoped that this 
can be accomplished and the fund used as a basis for the additional 
facilities so urgently needed. There were 365 boarding students in 
our dining-room at one time last winter, — five more than assembled 
in the spacious dining-hall at Spelman Seminary on the same date 

I do not believe it is wise to increase the enrollment, but it is abso- 
lutely necessary to build a larger hospital and enlarge the Leonard 
Medical Building and provide adequate laboratory facilities to en- 
able our graduates to meet the requirements of State Medical 
Examining Boards. 

These proposed improvements have been carefully considered and 
will involve an expenditure of not less than $50,000 I do not recom- 
mend them because it will be more convenient to have them, but 
rather on the ground that they are absolutely necessary to keep pace 
with the advance in medical science. 

I append herewith my financial report, a copy of which has been 
forwarded to Mr. F T. Moulton, Treasurer 

Medical Department. 

Tuition $2,230.00 

Board 7,109.05 


Contributions 61.56 

Old accounts 189.00 

Judson Wade Leonard Fund 250.00 

Sundries 197.04 

— §10,036 65 


School supplies 309.23 

Boarding department 222.52 

Repairs 138.77 

Additions to property 12.75 

Student labor 39.53 


Dr. Jas. MeKee £500.00 

Dr. A. W. Knox 500.00 

Dr K. P Battle 500.00 

Dr. W. I. Rovster 500.00 

Dr R H. Lewis 250.00 

Dr A. W Goodwin 500 00 

Dr J M Pickel 500.00 

Dr W. Moncure 200 00 

Hospital -upt 180 00 

Hospital attendants 484.01 

Janitor service 146 00 


Gratuities in rebate 102.13 


Dissecting material, hospital supplies, laundry, 

etc 741 08 

Surplus 4,210 63 


Pharmacy Department . 

Tuition $1,026.00 

Board 1,914.25 

Old accounts 8.50 



School supplies 98.96 

Hoarding department 71.20 


Prof. C. B Crowell $500.00 

Prof I A Shade 187.50 


Gratuities in rebate 12.75 

Sundries 237 1 2 

Surplus 1,841.22 



Law Department, 

Tuition ... 78 00 

Board 85.00 

Old account 9 50 

Deficit 176 20 



School supplies 10.70 

Boarding department 165.50 

Salary: W. H. Pace on acc't 160.50 

Gratuity in rebate 12.00 

$348 70 

Literary Department, 

Tuition $ 4,014.05 

Board 10,839.52 

Contributions 376.10 

Old accounts 131.17 

Slater fund 2,500.00 

All other sources 1,673.25 

Borrowed Cit. Nat. Bank, Raleigh, NO 2,100.00 

Deficit 5,748.57 



School supplies 774.59 

Boarding department 11,951.28 

Repairs 1,777.89 

Special improvements 1,300.55 

Student labor 949.83 


Paid from Slater fund: 

Miriam 8. Cates $ 400.00 

W C Graver 400.00 

Martha M. Dickinson 324.19 

Minnie B. Flagg 60.65 

G. A. Edwards in part 400.00 

Charlotte Murray 480.00 

Cora S. Nevills in part 20.00 

N. F. Roberts in part 400.00 

Florence C. Williams 15.16 



Paid from school funds: 

Cora . Nevills in part 140.00 

Florence C Williams in part 200.00 

Other employees 2,347.74 

$2,687 74 

Gratuities in rebate 227.50 


Traveling expenses, laundry, payment on acc't 

trust fund to A. B. H. M. S 5,213.28 

— $27,382.66 


A. B. i I VI . 8. for salaries $8,385.48 


Charles F. Meserve $2,000.00 

Emily C. Aver 400.00 

Ida J. Brown 250.00 

Elsie M . Bryant 400.00 

L 13. Capehart 500 00 

Alice W Chase 400.00 

G. A Edwards in part 400 00 ' 

C. R. Frazer 650 CO 

Charlotte W. Hazlewood 250.00 

J L. Levister 600.00 

C E. Lightner 200 00 

J W. Ligon 135.48 

P F Morris. 800.00 

M ary E. Perry 400.00 

C. F Pope 400.00 

N. F Roberts in part 400.00 

P P. I ioberts 200 00 

$8 385 48 



Medical department $10,036.65 

Pharmacy depertment 2,948.75 

Law department 172.50 

Literary department 21 ,634 09 

Appropriations 8,385.48 



Medical department $ 5,826.02 

Pharmacy department 1,107.53 

Law department , 348.70 

Literary department 27,382.66 

Salaries from appropriations 8,385.48 

Surplus 127.08 


Respectfully submitted,